Horse Gram Chutney / Kollu Chutney

Where do you think Horse gets that power?  😉  Horse Gram gets its name as it is widely used for feeding horses but this is less popular in the cooking world. To my surprise, even many of my colleagues from Chennai didn’t know that this wonderful protein-rich beans can be used in cooking as well. One day, I just offered this chutney during our lunch break, the next minute I was asked for the recipe 😉 
This chutney and rasam is given to people who got chicken pox once it is cured. Reason – Anyone who gets chicken pox will undergo a very strict diet for at least 10 to 15 days (Pearl Millet Porridge, Buttermilk, Tender CoCo – No Salt No Spice), with this diet anyone will feel weak. To break this diet, Horse Gram chutney along with hot rice will be given as a first meal. OMG!!! The first spoon of this will take you to heaven and back to earth 😀 Anyone who knows me can imagine how I would have felt having some tasty food after 15 days. My granny told me once that this chutney is given to women after childbirth to regain their stamina.  This gram is an Elixir for weight watchers. Trust me all these boastings are worth it! Try it out!

Horse Gram – 1 Cup
Shallots – 8 to 10 nos
Green Chilly – 2 to 3 nos
Garlic – 3 to 4 pods
Coriander Seeds – 1 tsp
Oil – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

1. Soak the horse gram in 2.5 cups of water overnight and pressure cook it with 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder 6 to 8 whistles. If not soaked overnight, pressure cook it in 3 cups of water for 12 to 15 whistles and allow it to cool down.

2. In a pan add oil once heated, add coriander seeds and fry it until it turns light brown. Remove and set aside. Add the green chillies to the same oil and saute it nicely, remove and set aside.
3. Add shallots and garlic to the pan, saute it until shallots become translucent.

4. Once pressure is released, take out the horse gram, strain the excess water to another cup. DO NOT DISCARD this strained water (broth).
5. Once all the ingredients come to room temperature, put it in a small mixie jar, add salt as required. Give 4 to 5 puls without adding water.
6. Add 1 to 2 tbsp of broth and grind it to a fine paste. 
7. Do not add more water as it will become very watery easily.  And very importantly use only the broth for grinding not the cold water.
Tada! it’s done. Just serve this with hot cuppa rice with a dash of ghee.



Note: If you still have excess water strained from the boiled gram, we can make rasam out of it. Recipe follows soon!

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  1. Krishna says:

    Horse gram may contain impurities and gram sized stones. Wash thoroughly after soaking overnight and then pressure cook. Horse gram very good for bones and effective remedy for common cold too.

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  2. karthik hussain says:


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